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Snoop & Co Sees A 47X Increase In Revenue Since New Website Launch

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Today, we’re forever grateful to be announcing the results we achieved for one of our clients. Snoop & Co is a Gold Coast based business providing custom pet portraits. They approached us with the goal of expanding from local sales to going Australia-wide, and also wanted to target the UK.

Here is what we were asked to do:

  1. Design & Develop a new eCommerce website in WordPress.
  2. Increase organic traffic through SEO, as well as managing Google/Facebook Ads.
  3. Integration with suppliers for streamlined ordering processes.

The Goal

The website, aside from being stunning, needed to accomplish 3 main functions:

  1. A Custom Portrait builder, allowing customers to upload photos, enter pets names and choose customisations.
  2. Send orders direct to the artists to complete the tasks.
  3. Multiple, automatic currency detection to operate in two countries.

Here’s a snapshot of the new website:

To see more, check out the Snoop & Co website. We recommend to have a look!


With careful planning and decision making, we were able to take the site live and saw an immediate increase in traffic, due to our SEO efforts.

We met all the client requirements and gave useful advice throughout on how to further increase their sales, such as implementing email marketing to remind users they left something in their cart. We also added a prize wheel which allows new visitors to spin the wheel for a prize, such as 20% off. This became particularly useful in building up an email list.

Snoop & Co saw a 47x increase in revenue, within just 90 days of launch! It’s fair to say we’ve achieved 100% customer satisfaction once again.

The main reason for the huge increase in revenue is due to going from a local market, to targeting Australia-wide and also the UK.

In addition, Snoop & Co have experienced increased efficiency due to automated processes, such as having orders sent directly to the artists to carry out the work. It then gets forwarded from them to the fulfilment team who package the products for shipping.

Word from the client

“Our new streamlined website, paired with great SEO efforts, has helped us to experience the highest amount of sales our website has ever achieved. I’d recommend Morello Web to anyone looking for high class service and generous results.”

Richard Marshall
Richard Marshall

Web Design & SEO Expert

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